International Woman’s Day

I knew a woman, once…

She was both kind and fierce. Her voice could elicit great comfort, or evoke fear into the hearts of the mischievous. She was there for me when I first came into this crazy, conflicted world of ours. The first time I fell down and the earth scraped away at my skin, she knew just what to do—a Superman bandaid, a blown kiss and a soft hug—healed!

She taught me the importance of, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. She showed me, a boy that idolized a fictitious man with a red cape what real courage was. When she got sick and her hair began to fall, she refused to. Late nights with head stuck in the toilet, and early mornings making sure I had sandwiches for school when she was able. A bravery unmatched.

My first heartbreak; this kind, diminutive woman sat me down on the couch, told me that everything would be alright. Said that one day I would meet a nice girl. She spoke softly and empathically. That day, she showed me that it was possible for a mother to be a father, too. Another superpower cementing Superman into second place…

When I graduated high school, she sat within a sea of a thousand faces, clapping and aggrandizing from the stands for us blue capped urchins. When I was able to find her in that ocean of smiling faces, all other sounds, all other noises ceased to exist. She was smiling. Smiling down at me. This woman, this warrior, survivor of Cancer was smiling because she was proud, proud of me! What a humbling sight.

As time passed and my skin aged, I saw less and less of this woman. A regret that I will carry with me for the remainder of my days…

I knew a woman, once. She was tough, kind and fierce. She was not perfect nor angelic. But she was the first woman to ever tell me that everything would be alright. From scraped knees to broken hearts and burdened minds—everything will be alright.

Happy International Woman’s Day— Mum!

Thank you…

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