New Book Coming—Short Read From it.

Here is some sample audio from my upcoming book!

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  1. Your life parallels my career as an attorney. I’m a tax attorney that practices in Washington, DC. Maryland and Illinois.

    Same family life background as you experienced. In matter of fact I have not spoken to my two siblings (sisters) in 25 years.

    One sister became incorrigible going to prison for 1 year and half. (Drugs and an assault on a Police Officer)

    I came upon you through Johnny Strides podcast on Sunday nites.

    I want to write a book about my early experiences as a court appointed attorney and substitute teacher in Philadelphia.

    I really admire your loyal through the ups and downs of life. I was going with a lady for 15 years who had a baby by another man. I was in my senior year of law school.

    I just recently gotten divorced from a wild carpet ride. Thank God gotten out unscathed.

    I have not read your book but would like to read when I have the time and money. (I’m not a wealthy Attorney)

    By the way I wrote Mr.Strides and told him to tell you about a book called “Behind the Walls of Goomorrah by Stephen Seager M.D. fantastic reader about the criminal insane.

    If you have time email me. I really admire you and your loyalty as well as the dedicated and decoration you have put into your life.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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