A Savoury Little Post

This afternoon, around lunch time, I had the pleasure of stopping in for a bite at the Cactus Club on Banks Rd. Upon entry my eyes were greeted with sleek, elegant decor, where modern, impressionistic wall-art meets with stylish stone features and wooden accents.

A subtle croon of upbeat jazz danced throughout the place. Of course, the hostess and servers were punishingly beautiful, and the lads handsome in their own right.

We were taken to our table with little to no wait at all. After happily digesting the offerings on the menu, I settled with ordering the butternut squash ravioli with prawns. Something about its written description romanced my appetite just right.

Now, let me tell you… this dish, this wonderful little concoction of delectable delight is one of those culinary experiences best described as — hypnotically delicious! Hell, I almost proposed to the chef, and I have no idea who he is!  (don’t tell Sheena!)

At first glance, you are met with a gleam of perfectly spaced ravioli, bathing in a seductive trickle of truffle butter. A playful sage leaf rests almost as if to be floating atop of the pillow like pasta. The prawns, are subtle yet noticeable, skillfully placed and beckoning to a hungry patron.

Basically, what I’m saying, is 10/10 will be going back there!

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

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