The Law of Joan

My mum fancied herself a lawyer. No, she didn't have a crush on one... she quite literally felt as though she was one. Years of comprehensive observation of such litigious T.V. classics as: Law & Order S.V.U., Chuck Norris's Walker Texas Ranger and CSI: (wherever the hell they are this time), meant that whenever my... Continue Reading →

Boy Oh Boy…

What started out as an innocuous excursion to the convenience store, quickly devolved into a mephitis of nightmare… Where I live, summer is in full swing. The days have been long and resplendent, and the nights… equally as gorgeous. This means that I have been spending as much time as there is available to me... Continue Reading →

Water, Please.

This story, like so many, begins in a bar. But its origins are not rooted there… I had finished work a little while ago, and the thought of going home was not an attractive one. I knew what was waiting for me and although it would have been fairer of me to go there, I... Continue Reading →

The Rumble

The stand off was intense, unforgiving and prolonged. If there was an ambient soundtrack to this scene, it would certainly have been from an old western. To my right, Drew, my best and most loyal friend. And directly in-front of us, a quarrelsome duo; Toby and Brad. I stared through squinted gaze and heavy brow... Continue Reading →

Hey, Mum.

I thought about you today. To be honest, there isn’t a day that goes by where you’re not present with me. I carry you everywhere. Today, however, it was different. The spark that ignited my potent recall of you happened innocuously enough; I had just procured a tea and made my way outside. I was... Continue Reading →

The Warless Soldier

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be a soldier, to be a veteran. Many people jump to thinking that you are a war-torn person immediately after hearing that you have served within the army. Upon learning that that may not be the case, you seemingly lose veteran status somehow. Now, of course... Continue Reading →

A Man Called, Brother

Have you ever been so angry that your body didn't know what to do? Stuck within a limbo of indecision and directionless thought? On that day, I was all of those things. The fibers of my muscles twitched and spasmed as if to be rioting beneath my skin. I could hear my own pulse slithering... Continue Reading →

A Dog Named, Sadie

“Holy shit… RUN!” On a crisp fall afternoon some 22-years ago, that’s exactly what I commanded to my best friend, Drew. We were about to run for our lives. And to make things worse, I could not stop laughing… Before I get to what it was that had us fleeing for our very survival, let... Continue Reading →

The Prose of Today

I saw him again last night. Held him in my hands. It all came in like a rolling thunder. First, from afar. But soon, it was all that surrounded me. Pervading every aspect of my existence. My ears became punished by the crescendo of wailing jet turbines. I could feel my body cement itself into... Continue Reading →

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