The Boy in the Window

               I live in a small town. A kind of town that avoids most maps. It's a character driven place protected by legions of coniferous giants that wander to the tips of the high-reaching mountains before disappearing to the other side. Its modesty commands that it doesn't beckon to... Continue Reading →

A Boy at Christmas

I always get a little sad at the close of the holidays. For me, it's just such a splendid time of year, the world and its surroundings take on new shape, don vast sprawls of beautiful stringing lights, kitchens boast aromatic bliss, and people seem to think about each other just a little bit more... Continue Reading →

A Boy on Christmas

On this, the eve before Christmas, a story comes to mind; it's about a boy. A quiet boy. He tried hard to bother no one, and at times tried harder to blend in. He often felt awkward, weak, unimportant and unwanted. It was like that for him, this boy, for the majority of his younger... Continue Reading →

Jason David Frank — the Green Ranger

"For me, the death of the Green Ranger simply acts as further grounding that heroes are human — thus stresses the importance of kindness, compassion, and humility. Be kind to yourself, to those around you, and to those who challenge you. Have compassion toward yourself even in moments where you feel undeserving, gift compassion to those who cannot gift it to themselves, do this, and there will live a circle of healing and acceptance. Finally, own a sense of humility; understand that you can be wrong and corrected without being invalidated and belittled. Humility lends itself to growth, personal, spiritual and beyond..."

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