The Wharf

There is a place that exists where beauty stands unblemished amidst the sands of time. A place that storybooks dream of. It rests unassuming next to the calm of a lake. The blades of grass flirt in a playful ‘pas de deux’ with the rolling shallows. Unless you mean to go there, you might never... Continue Reading →

A Little Spring Time Memory

When I was fourteen years old, I ran from the cops. I wasn't in trouble and I hadn't done anything wrong. So, why was I running, you may be asking...? Well, to answer that I have to provide you with a little bit of back story; when I was fourteen, I was a little shit!... Continue Reading →

How I Met Your Mother… Kind of

New York and all of its concrete appendages have gone through numerous transformations over the years. When it was my turn to immerse myself within the sprawling tapestry of old meets new, the city was a healthy mix of creativity and affluence. The streets were safe and each borough held within it a tourist destination... Continue Reading →

I Thought of You Today

I thought of you today… one of those "need mom" kind of moments. Sometimes it still seems so surreal to know that with permanence you are well and truly gone. It doesn't seem to fit within what makes sense. It's weird waking up in a world without you. I know and comprehend all the niceties... Continue Reading →

The One That Got Away

I didn't know what to say. Every word that crept to the edge of my tongue felt lacking and hollow, so I opted in favor of lingering reticence instead. The unforgiving heft of disappointment blanketed both me and Dylan with an insufferable suffocation. He rested on his knees, an unamused audience of crickets bewailed and... Continue Reading →

Dear Ukraine

Dear Ukraine:In a world comprised of incalculable particles, molecules and other sophisticated complexities, it's astonishing to me how we as man can fall so easily to the croon of war. A trumpet blasts and bombs begin. Barbarism follows like a seething shadow.In a world that paints the sky with brilliant pastels as the sun lays... Continue Reading →

The Shirt

There are moments in our lives destined to become unforgettable. Happenstances of heartbreak, elation, fear, loss, innocence and so on… Whatever it may be, we all have them. We’ve all experienced them. In a way, it’s what binds us. Transcends all barriers. No matter the background, ethnicity or socioeconomic upbringing, we can all relate to... Continue Reading →

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