A Savoury Little Post

This afternoon, around lunch time, I had the pleasure of stopping in for a bite at the Cactus Club on Banks Rd. Upon entry my eyes were greeted with sleek, elegant decor, where modern, impressionistic wall-art meets with stylish stone features and wooden accents. A subtle croon of upbeat jazz danced throughout the place. Of... Continue Reading →

Remembering D-Day, June 6th 1944

To those that have, to those that do, and to those that will...Today is June 6. A date that can easily slip past during the bustle of modern life, but a date of meaningful significance nonetheless. Some 78 years ago a little over 14,000 brave and trembling Canadians embarked on an impossible journey. Some men... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Good Best Friend?

"As he drove, the coniferous landscape raced by from outside our windows. But as if to be cognizant performers, the emerald pines seemingly slowed down when they observed our gaze. It was a beautiful drive. My kind of weather — overcast and rainy — I loved it. Every single second."

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