The Shirt

There are moments in our lives destined to become unforgettable. Happenstances of heartbreak, elation, fear, loss, innocence and so on… Whatever it may be, we all have them. We’ve all experienced them. In a way, it’s what binds us. Transcends all barriers. No matter the background, ethnicity or socioeconomic upbringing, we can all relate to... Continue Reading →

It’s a Medic’s Wonderful Life

From the bridge, the city almost looked peaceful. This was ever more so when the snow fell. A Christmas city festooned by decorative delight. Storefronts transformed into mesmeric displays halting onlookers both young and old, streetlamps donned tinsel and garland. The high-rises boasted brilliant sparkle as if to be bejeweled concrete giants calling for cheer... Continue Reading →

Jack of the Lantern (Ep: 216)

So, if you didn’t already know, I am a HUGE Halloween fan. In fact, as soon as September hits, my “watched” playlist across all streaming devices quickly shifts to all things macabre and deliciously spooky. This year, I tried my hand at crafting a story of my own.I have always been curious about why we... Continue Reading →

Driving NASCAR

“Heneghan!” Bruce’s baritone voice cut through the ambulance bay like a sawing blade. Halting any and all around in place. My hands, still weighted by a 1000cc bag of saline, bandages, roller gauze and other medical trimmings that I had just retrieved from inventory. I looked up to see that he, Bruce, was steamrolling toward... Continue Reading →

A Boy Named, Ryan

Childhood was an interesting time for me. Stable and secure it was not. By the time the 90’s had come around, I had seen my family fracture and fragment into warring shards. Had my father removed from our home. I watched as my mother was stricken with disease, and moved from one province to the... Continue Reading →

Last Summer

It was the summer before high school; I was 16 years old. I sat with Slurpee in hand, cogitating about how things were about to change. You see, up to that point in my life, I had never felt it necessary to ponder on the segue from boyhood to manhood. That is to say, that... Continue Reading →

The Beast Draws Near…

It swells deep from within. Like a storm on the horizon; it creeps ever closer. Sweat births itself, bead by bead to my skin. I can feel it; a growing pressure. My chest tightens and breath becomes shortened and constricted. Something is here. Something is very very near. Through introspective pep-talk, I demand my eyes... Continue Reading →

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