A Christmas Story: The Day After…

There’s always a day after… And when contextualizing that to Christmas, for many of us, the day after can be one marred by weighted solemnity. An entire year spent trudging through the mud of calendar days until we reach that pinnacle of our 365—Christmas. There’s such a lead up to it. Only for it to... Continue Reading →

Bright Colours

There is a stir in the water that captivates me. I stand as statue, glaring and losing myself in the abyss of circulating water. It was the orange that handcuffed me at first, then a piercing blue followed by the subtle emeralds that mimic ocean floor. All of this, while stood in the entryway of... Continue Reading →

Last Time, But a Good Time.

“I get in at shortly after eight your time… come pick me up and then we will hangout for a couple of hours. It’d be good to see you, Henny.” I listened to his words as they slid in through the holes of my phone. I acknowledged what he had said and assured him that... Continue Reading →

Mum said, “Yes!”

I hung up the phone and fell back against the pillows of the couch. An ensorcelled smile befell me. It was subtle at first, but inch by whimsical inch, it expanded and crawled from ear to ear. I even let free a jovial chuckle of incredulity. The thoughts encircling my thinking space were resplendent and... Continue Reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

As a paramedic, especially one ailing from trauma, it becomes easy to get lost in the weighted depth of calls and bad outcomes. But being a paramedic is not all doom and gloom. I’d say it’s 90% mundane, followed by 10% insanity! For me, that 10% really stuck. Both as an army medic, and paramedic... Continue Reading →

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