Waitress Therapy

There is a world that surrounds me. I can see it, smell it, taste it and touch it. There are even times where I am part of that world. Living and existing within it. There are however the other times where I am merely a specter walking among the faceless. The ethereal man, unseen by... Continue Reading →

Ma’am, I’m Sorry…

I woke up speaking this morning. I must have been dreaming, but the imagery and sounds and not remembered. I suppose thusly, not important. What is clear and without contestation, is that when I woke, I did so while letting slip spoken orations of a hauntingly poignant apology. This unwitting impulse of speech was spoken... Continue Reading →

I Will Remember Them…

I was young. Arrogant, maybe… Though my youthful soul had been tested and forged within the fires of tragedy and tribulation, nothing had prepared me for what I was doing in that moment on that run way. I stood rigid, still, tall and motionless in-spite of the galling winds. To my left, a man dressed... Continue Reading →

Ramblings Of Remembrance.

Looming just ahead of me are a cluster of days that boast an unrivaled amount of introspective pain and anguish. On a calendar they appear as mere numbers held within a month. To the naked eye they are arbitrary and hardly seem worthy of commanding such trepidation and angst from a person. But to me,... Continue Reading →

Pillow Talk…

It’s shortly after midnight and I am terrified. I am also exhausted, but mostly just frightened through to my bones. From where I am sitting to write this, just over my left shoulder sits a modest collection of pillows. They lie in wait atop of my bed. They know that I should be over there... Continue Reading →

Sad Today…

I am sad today. I am. And despite popular, stigma laden counter-speech, it is okay to admit that. It is okay to let all of you know that that’s what I am feeling. In fact, it’s necessary. Vital, even. For two mornings in a row now I have been awoken by horrid manipulations of reality... Continue Reading →

Tapestry Of Torment.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake… oh what a fortunate peace that would make... No, this is not a declaration that I wish to die. I do not. Despite how it reads. Rather, this is more-so an aphorism of... Continue Reading →


I grew-up in a small town. A sleepy little place that should you find yourself unsuspectingly passing through, you may miss it if you happen to blink for long enough. It’s a beautiful place. A place carved deep into the glen of a mountainous landscape and nestled gently along the banks of a pristine lake... Continue Reading →

There is a profound sadness that lingers deep inside of me. It has always been there, I think. Its potency was however fostered by the tableau of traumas experienced within my chosen career paths. It is a sadness that seeps into my bones like moisture to dirt. Only it is not flowers that grow from... Continue Reading →


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