Wishful Thinking

I once had a beer with Abraham Lincoln. I’ve shared a pint with Charlie Chaplin. Chuck, if you know him well enough. I gawked in utter mystification at the illusionary stylings of the one and only, Harry Houdini. I’ve dined lavishly next to dignitaries, and I have sipped bottomless pitchers of ale alongside city miscreants.... Continue Reading →

Hi, I’m Matthew…

The morning started off like so many before it; with me panting and panicking, desperately hoping to find my next breath. A nightmare. A twisted contort of the mind. The ebonized sky of night, peering in through the window was the first thing to welcome me back from the horrid landscape of memory and trepidity.... Continue Reading →

Star Party

I spent the greater part of last night standing beneath an ocean of stars. Staring out at the twinkling expanse, trying to humble myself. I had hoped that by fleeing the covers of bed to stand under a sabled night sky, I would find perspective on the things that plagued me. But I was left... Continue Reading →

Burning Love

The string band played melodiously in the corner of the room. A frantic frenzy of overlapping conversations could be heard between beats. It was a busy place, and I was tucked away at a corner table by the window. I tried to force myself to enjoy my surroundings. Objectively, I was able to recognize the... Continue Reading →


August… a month that holds diverse meaning. To some, it marks the countdown to the return of scholastic responsibilities. To others, the impending end of summer sun, with the promise of cold days to come. The inescapable truth about this sequential group of dwindling days, is that no matter what it means to you or... Continue Reading →

The Nam

As these dog days of summer begin to stretch on, I can’t help but to think fondly of other abysmal days spent beneath the blistering embrace of a high hanging sun. Days when I was a younger man. A boy really, but masquerading as a man nonetheless. It was a hot August day. The kind... Continue Reading →

The Fall of The Fair

A sunbeam snuck in through a timeworn crack of the bleacher roof. The heat of it against my forehead caused me to squint and shuffle back an inch or two in my seat. I had just arrived, tea in one hand and a breakfast sandwich waiting to be devoured in the other. I rested contently... Continue Reading →

Hot Moon Howling.

As I stood on my patio this morning, squinting and readying for the day’s ensuing heat wave, my mind tripped and stumbled down the embankment of memory. Suddenly, the steam that danced upward from my cup began to act as a portal through time. My surroundings started to fade as my gaze travelled further and... Continue Reading →


The sun fell in through a vertical part in my curtains. A warmth and light stained my skin. A few sluggish blinks as my eyes tracked illuminated particles of dust that danced aimlessly to a tune of their own, and something became unquestionably clear—another wretched day had begun. I rolled onto my back, allowing my... Continue Reading →

Donnybrooks And Ninja Turtles

A mind emptied of happiness is all too often saturated by a weighted depth of sadness. As was the case for me on that winter night. I love the winter… typically. But in that moment on that night, I could’ve cared less what it was doing outside. I sat piteously on the couch cushion closest... Continue Reading →


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