Bright Colours

There is a stir in the water that captivates me. I stand as statue, glaring and losing myself in the abyss of circulating water. It was the orange that handcuffed me at first, then a piercing blue followed by the subtle emeralds that mimic ocean floor. All of this, while stood in the entryway of... Continue Reading →

Last Time, But a Good Time.

“I get in at shortly after eight your time… come pick me up and then we will hangout for a couple of hours. It’d be good to see you, Henny.” I listened to his words as they slid in through the holes of my phone. I acknowledged what he had said and assured him that... Continue Reading →

Mum said, “Yes!”

I hung up the phone and fell back against the pillows of the couch. An ensorcelled smile befell me. It was subtle at first, but inch by whimsical inch, it expanded and crawled from ear to ear. I even let free a jovial chuckle of incredulity. The thoughts encircling my thinking space were resplendent and... Continue Reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

As a paramedic, especially one ailing from trauma, it becomes easy to get lost in the weighted depth of calls and bad outcomes. But being a paramedic is not all doom and gloom. I’d say it’s 90% mundane, followed by 10% insanity! For me, that 10% really stuck. Both as an army medic, and paramedic... Continue Reading →

Wishful Thinking

I once had a beer with Abraham Lincoln. I’ve shared a pint with Charlie Chaplin. Chuck, if you know him well enough. I gawked in utter mystification at the illusionary stylings of the one and only, Harry Houdini. I’ve dined lavishly next to dignitaries, and I have sipped bottomless pitchers of ale alongside city miscreants.... Continue Reading →

Hi, I’m Matthew…

The morning started off like so many before it; with me panting and panicking, desperately hoping to find my next breath. A nightmare. A twisted contort of the mind. The ebonized sky of night, peering in through the window was the first thing to welcome me back from the horrid landscape of memory and trepidity.... Continue Reading →

Star Party

I spent the greater part of last night standing beneath an ocean of stars. Staring out at the twinkling expanse, trying to humble myself. I had hoped that by fleeing the covers of bed to stand under a sabled night sky, I would find perspective on the things that plagued me. But I was left... Continue Reading →

Burning Love

The string band played melodiously in the corner of the room. A frantic frenzy of overlapping conversations could be heard between beats. It was a busy place, and I was tucked away at a corner table by the window. I tried to force myself to enjoy my surroundings. Objectively, I was able to recognize the... Continue Reading →


August… a month that holds diverse meaning. To some, it marks the countdown to the return of scholastic responsibilities. To others, the impending end of summer sun, with the promise of cold days to come. The inescapable truth about this sequential group of dwindling days, is that no matter what it means to you or... Continue Reading →

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