The Picture

A picture, as defined by Oxford is as follows: A description so vivid or graphic as to suggest a mental image or give an accurate idea of something. It is my belief that those of us who are blessed with sight live our lives through a series of snapshots. Experiences of lived moments taken one... Continue Reading →

The Air Is Poison

"For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow" Ecclesiastes 1:18.   I would not dare to say that I am a wise man. Nor do I boast the gift of intellect. I do however hold knowledge of a few things. Most notably, loss. I have lived a life hallmarked... Continue Reading →

Needles and Nightmares…

It was a low-rise shit hole. At least, that’s how we described it. In reality, it was someone’s home. A home I was now standing within. My eyes took in the out of date décor and sparse furniture that casually lay about this place. Decades of old cigarette smoke clung to the walls like a... Continue Reading →

The Virus

Things had been crazy ever since the outbreak. The hours at work had been long and exhaustive. When I got home, I dropped my kit bag and went for the shower. I stood beneath the decalescent beams of water, struggling to cleanse myself of last night’s shift. My arms outstretched, supporting the weight of my... Continue Reading →

Hey, Mum (January 26th, 2020)

Hey, Mum… just figured I’d come chat with you for a while. Kind of having a tough one. ~ Everything I do today is doomed to be weighted and ponderous. Menial tasks from putting the tea bag in the cup, filling it with water, buttering some toast to putting a soiled dish in the awaiting... Continue Reading →

Super Brat

On a modest Spring day, a rural town nestled among the craggy landscape of the Canadian Rockies was beginning to stir. The sky was a brilliant Maya blue. Snow still glazed to the tips of the mountains that overlooked this tranquil place. Birds could be heard singing ubiquitously through bedroom windows, their songs welcoming early... Continue Reading →

Tonight, It’s Hers…

With the piercing shatter of a glass, I hear it… A sound that starts from deep within my ears. A roaming crescendo of haunt that becomes so deafening it forces me from bed, plaguing me with a spasm that crawls along my spine. In those first, frightful moments of wakefulness, I am presented an unwelcomed... Continue Reading →

Captive Today

As I walked home tonight beneath the ambient glow of a setting sun, I pleaded inwardly for my beleaguered mind to just stop! For the better part of three days now, I have been held captive by the nefarious will of trauma. To be more exact—PTSD. My nose has held within it, the stench of... Continue Reading →

Bitter Sweet

My pen bit into the imperfections of the sand washed paper. And just like that, it was over. The last copy had been signed and handed away. A kind figure smiled and thanked me before moving to the cashier. For a split second, everything around me slowed down. It was as if a piece of... Continue Reading →

Ebb and Flow

I think perhaps one of the reasons that the boy continues to haunt me, is because I am still trying to save myself. In life, I failed to bring him back. The connection between he and I had been unknown to me until recent times. He died at fourteen—I wanted to. With each compression I... Continue Reading →

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