Ma’am, I’m Sorry…

I woke up speaking this morning. I must have been dreaming, but the imagery and sounds and not remembered. I suppose thusly, not important. What is clear and without contestation, is that when I woke, I did so while letting slip spoken orations of a hauntingly poignant apology. This unwitting impulse of speech was spoken... Continue Reading →

I Will Remember Them…

I was young. Arrogant, maybe… Though my youthful soul had been tested and forged within the fires of tragedy and tribulation, nothing had prepared me for what I was doing in that moment on that run way. I stood rigid, still, tall and motionless in-spite of the galling winds. To my left, a man dressed... Continue Reading →

Sunday, Bloody Sunday…

It was a Sunday, a beautiful Sunday. My girlfriend and I had just arrived at her family’s farm and were looking forward to a brief reprieve away from the brashness of city life. Her father owned a stretch of land that carved itself into the rolling dunes of the Alberta landscape. It was a little... Continue Reading →


I believe I have mentioned it before, somewhere within the verbose script that is my blog, how a simple gesture that is meant in kindness can cripple me for a few yet agonizing seconds. I am positive that within a passing paragraph or two I have lamented about it. Though, not in detail, not yet…... Continue Reading →

The Missing Man

I spent six-years of my life in service to my country. Everyday I woke-up and practiced to the highest standard, drill, dress and deportment. I served honorably to the best of my abilities. I had the honor of working alongside some of this world’s best human-beings. I learned a great many of things during my... Continue Reading →

About, Bob

I was seventeen when I first watched a man die. I did not know that he was dying at the time, but, ultimately that moment when I stood beside him at the edge of his bed, it would be the last time that I would see him alive. An ambulance would arrive, and the paramedics... Continue Reading →

Number Three…

For those whom know me or feel as though they do through the written wounds within this blog, you will know that rain is my ally. The euphonious sounds of falling sky bring respite to my aching mind. It helps me bring peace to an otherwise war-torn soul. So, tonight when I began to fall... Continue Reading →

Heavy and Weightless

“Matty? Matty, what is it? Oh my God, what’s wrong?” …   Her mollifying voice glanced off my shoulders from behind before entering my ears. It was the middle of the night and prior to my current situation of being seated on the edge of our bed, we had been sleeping blissfully intervolved with one-another.... Continue Reading →

A Man Worth Knowing.

It was a Tuesday morning when the world got smaller. I had just learned of its reduction and the truly irreversible cause of it. And although the world around me was shrinking, my thoughts were swelling. Bounding. Leaping from place to place. Always landing at the finality of what I had just been told. I... Continue Reading →

Unworthy Observer.

I was seated within the passenger side of the ambulance awaiting their arrival. An uneasy tumbling of anxiety twisted within my stomach. It was subtle, but it was there. Our ambulance was parked out onto the tarmac under the stealth of night. I scanned the vastness above me in search of the plane, but there... Continue Reading →

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