I Thought of You Today

I thought of you today‚Ķ one of those "need mom" kind of moments. Sometimes it still seems so surreal to know that with permanence you are well and truly gone. It doesn't seem to fit within what makes sense. It's weird waking up in a world without you. I know and comprehend all the niceties... Continue Reading →

Dear Ukraine

Dear Ukraine:In a world comprised of incalculable particles, molecules and other sophisticated complexities, it's astonishing to me how we as man can fall so easily to the croon of war. A trumpet blasts and bombs begin. Barbarism follows like a seething shadow.In a world that paints the sky with brilliant pastels as the sun lays... Continue Reading →

The Word

The other day I received some news; it shook me for a moment. Causing a stillness to overtake me. Words can be a powerful thing. Within their circles, arches and lines, whether uttered or written, they hold within them the power to craft elation or engender agonizing deflate. With that spectrum in mind, the words... Continue Reading →

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