A Man Worth Knowing.

It was a Tuesday morning when the world got smaller. I had just learned of its reduction and the truly irreversible cause of it. And although the world around me was shrinking, my thoughts were swelling. Bounding. Leaping from place to place. Always landing at the finality of what I had just been told. I... Continue Reading →

Unworthy Observer.

I was seated within the passenger side of the ambulance awaiting their arrival. An uneasy tumbling of anxiety twisted within my stomach. It was subtle, but it was there. Our ambulance was parked out onto the tarmac under the stealth of night. I scanned the vastness above me in search of the plane, but there... Continue Reading →

I’m Wingin’ Out Man!!

Last night, I slept for a total of 3 hours, 38 minutes, and an unknown number of seconds. Why do I know this? For many years now, this has sort of been my average. Now I must tell you, I did not wake because I felt rested and ready. Quite the opposite actually. You see,... Continue Reading →

The Box

I once held a box. Lifted that box and carried that box. My shoulders bore the burden of its weight. Even if in physicality, the weight was almost non-existent. Frightfully absent of such. My ceremoniously gloved fingertips gently grazed its metal claps and unforgivingly rigid sides. I carried this box with seven other men. Four... Continue Reading →

A Letter To The Dead

On nights like these, quiet ones, my restless mind ponders on the world, and the problems within it. More specifically, the problems within mine. Outside of these thoughts, the only things I can here, are the distant, wails of a bouncing ambulance siren somewhere within the concrete walls of this vast city, and the subtle... Continue Reading →

Lost Boy

Without the stethoscope that used to hang around my neck, who am I? My hands no longer hold a C7A1, standard issue rifle. I no longer dawn a cap badge and stand at attention. My dress blues hang lazily in my closet. Who am I? You see, I have identified myself as a medic for... Continue Reading →

Boom! Boom! Boom! In My Room

Beneath my eyes there are bags. Within those bags, a collection of awful things once seen. Terrible things. The things people like to pretend don't exist. They pretend it doesn’t exist and yet, they lock their door at night anyway – just in case. Because the reality is, it does... For a number of years,... Continue Reading →

Thanks Mum…

I am awake again, deep into the night. I have barely slept. If at all. I did not wake from a nightmare but, I awoke with a memory. A memory that the aching in my stomach remembers well. It was from a time in my childhood or rather, adolescence, when my mother refused to allow... Continue Reading →

Bad Date

I had a date today. Although I have been sick for the past three days, I decided that I needed to go outside, and rejoin the world. So, I did just that. I wandered about for a while with no clear destination in sight. My ears were protected by my earphones that played nothing, they... Continue Reading →


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