A Boy on Christmas

On this, the eve before Christmas, a story comes to mind; it's about a boy. A quiet boy. He tried hard to bother no one, and at times tried harder to blend in. He often felt awkward, weak, unimportant and unwanted. It was like that for him, this boy, for the majority of his younger... Continue Reading →

Matty Failure: Mistakes Were Made

"In grade 5, much like Timmy from the story, I became a private detective. Inspired by my favorite read of that time: Nate The Great! I quickly learned that wearing one of my mum’s old, tan coloured raincoats to school did not distinguish me as refined to my peers, but rather as a weird kid in an oversized ladies coat."

Welcome to the Show

Something happens to me when sitting down to ingest the exaggeratory exploits of dramatized medical television. Aside from the compulsive need to correct the egregious inaccuracies of protocol and misuse of medically sesquipedalian language, something else pervades my viewing experience; something a little more sinister. Something inescapable. Something that lurks in the shadows of my... Continue Reading →

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